Friday, March 29, 2019

Like You Are Poem

Like You Are

It doesn’t seem to matter when,
As long as it occurs, all time
Of the day and night, these
Letters seem to find themselves
In my post.

Posted under my very nose,
Posted under the rose bush,
Under the corner of the potting shed,
Always finding their way in.

Not even sleep keeps them at bay,
Like a howl at the moon
Their iridescence illumes my eyes.

When words desire you, when
Communication is present,
You wake up no matter.

Sitting here, up in this tree,
Or even on top of the post office bldg.,
It matters not the address, you are
Suddenly lit up with the incandescence
Of what a word is, how it moves to you.

No matter the day or night and the hours
In between, you are dug out of bed,
Or out of the garden, or away from
Some previous plan,
And find yourself planted inside of.
That’s right, inside of the very thing.

Every very thing is unique, like you,
And all the stars.

© 2019

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Testing Drag and Drop

Testing the drag and drop for photos, works via the laptop. Wonder if it works from a tablet app?

Friday, July 07, 2017

Fairly Daily Seems not so Fairly Daily

Seems the use of the words 'fairly daily' may be a bit over-stated.
We have been flat out working, inside and out. After our Realm Awareness class today, we headed to Camden and the cool insides of the wonderful Camden Public Library.
Some of the work, an extension of the deck.

Thursday, June 29, 2017


 2017 June 29

Going out; for a walk, to return something, to get something else, to hunt and gather, to go to the cafe, to see friends, to sit and talk, to draw, to be in the summer, to be with each other.

A new level.

Belated post.

Creativity sprouting above ground.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Light Falls

Light falls upon us, and depending on how we are willing to receive it, it can pour into us, or it can glance away from us, knowing we aren't ready to be available.

We have intended our life to be always available, it has its challenges, not within us, but when you feel the outer world's press to be available to it's sounds. Light is always wonderful for us, even in the unknown of it. We have come to trust it completely.

Light falls upon us gently, and the only time it doesn't feel that way, is when we are not within ourselves  wholly.

The art moves forward, the Light falls upon the surface of our work, we receive the gifts it gives, and we share it to those willing to receive it.

Hope this day finds you within the Light that shines for you.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Lighted Resonance

2015 oct 15

A Lighted Resonance may come to you once upon a life-time.
It can be filled with Mystery, and the challenges that come with a territory
that is made of folding patterns and unfolding landscapes.

The Light always shows itself at the most accepting of times, though in this dimension, it may not seem that way. This is why it is so important to have a sacred practice, and people around you who love and regard your path as it travels you toward the unexpected, unclipped, the wild, and new.

In the travelling, you are open to the new, the different, and the familiar in new ways.

Our art opens us like a simple package, unbending the folds, creasing back the positions, until you are in a new place from yourself. It is here/there that you are able to receive that which is more than you are, more than you know, more than you feel, more than you thought.

As this time of year is so fulfilling, and at the same time intensely focused, we are so very grateful to have our community support us as we travel this deeply inward. They understand the need and are open to the patterns we bring back with us.

Always new, always unfolding, always a surprise, the Light finds its way to us in our desire to be found accepting, open, available. It is what fills our canvases, our writings, our photography, our 3-D work, our altered books. All these contain within them the resonance we have been given. It is a gift we receive, it is the gift we share.

Hope this day finds you resonating with the Light that always accepts you for being there/here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Autumn Light

Coming into the full autumn movement, the light changes, becomes uneclipsed from the heat of summer, and moves into the harvest of our becoming what carries the light through the remaining seasons.

Once again our studio doors open to the mystery, the wild nature of the unkempt, unmanaged, unclipped. We become the wild hare of Nature's unbounded nature.

As we move deeper into the mystery of our own creative natures, we bring patterns forward that match the needs deep underground, the unfettered nature of nature.

We are always surprised when the light appears, it is a new day, a day as yet unclipped, a day unbound by convention, rule, and order. This is where the mystery has room to unfold, where the mystic meets the current of current and connects the body and spirit into recognition without the demands to understand.

We are in our deepest creativity at this time of year, and to feel safe, protected, and in a safe harbor, we stay close to those who are aware of our journey, as we travel.

In the traveling, we are vulnerable, because we allow the unknown to move through us, beside us, beneath us, above us, inside us, and around us. We allow the energy to move, to run, and we do not judge its path. We know we are in the presence of Light, and we let it bathe us in its pure intention.
We feel the judgements of this kind of nature, but we receive the patterns through the relationship of trust we have nurtured within us and the relationship with Spirit we have been gifted with.

Hope this day finds you in a mysterious place of the Light shining again in your direction of receiving.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


We have been  tenting lately, and will continue to do so until it gets too cold in the fall.
We're in our own backyard, yet we travel the world from here.

The domed space allows us to curl into our muse and allows the time it takes for the sounds of our creative nature to unfold.

Bird song, wind, and rain drops accompany us as we enter more deeply into our travel.

Hope your day finds you creating an unusual space for yourself to be in.


Friday, July 17, 2015

New Directions

Breakfast at the new Main Street Market, nice open feeling. Good food and a wonderful almond milk/peanut butter/banana/chocolate smoothie.

Light comes pouring in the big plate glass windows, light, such a wonder, a companion, a muse.

We look at each other while eating, while talking, while being bathed in the light. Nourished by each other, our conversation, and the presence of the light.

Fresh flowers on the table, just for us, and for the next people that sit here today. Sweet, thoughtful.

Mobile again, car mostly fixed.

And the sleeping outside in the tent, hearing the breezes, the rain showers, calming and so soothing to us.

Hope your day finds you grateful, making lists in your head about what here is to be grateful for.

Monday, May 04, 2015

An Abundance of Light

With May comes changes. We've decided to try this new background, white.

Usually we use black as our background, but for today, and perhaps to continue, we are making the switch to white. Maybe we miss the snow.

Art always surprises, delights, and informs. Art is a level after level kind of thing, as are we all.

The studio is open, the temperatures are inviting, and we are making our way into spring with all the hopes and dreams we are given. We'll share these with you as they unfold.

Hope your day finds you awash in light and on to new adventures.


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